Digital Manager

Madrid, Spain

How does it sound taking all your digital strategic and planning talent to an arena where tech, creative and strategy go hand in hand in creating content and experiences? 

Here, you’ll grow and test your knowledge and skills in a tech-disruptive environment where art and science mix in projects with a new culture that will help you grow in how you approach strategy. 

Sounds good? Yes? Then, you may be digital manager we’re looking for! 


The Position 

The Digital Manager will be part of the creative and strategic team within the Growthland initiative within NTT Disruption in our Madrid office.  

Your job will be to bring focus to projects in the short and long term by both helping the creative team find the way and develop plans to expand ideas and their impact in time in our own and paid media, while also being able to track, understand and adjust plans to meet the project’s KPIs. 



  • Understand client requirements and needs.  
  • Benchmark industry best practices. 
  • Brief and help the creative team in making the most of their ideas and designs in all formats and available resources websites, emails, landing pages, social media, display, SEO, SEM, etc.  
  • Plan, execute, and measure experiments and conversion tests prior to definitive launch. 
  • Take creative and strategic ideas to digital action plans that will help ideas reach audiences in the right content shape at the right time by creating the right user funnel and optimizing the use of data bases, own and paid media. 
  • Track and report the effectiveness of plans in terms of ROI and KPIs making a consistent use of the different tools available. 
  • Adjust the plan in terms of timing, content and creative needs as it is developed to maximize its final effectiveness. 
  • Understand both own and paid media and be able to balance them in the overall strategy. 
  • Tell and present ideas in a clear and consistent way to both internal and external teams.  



  • Ability to bring order and consistency to make the most of creative ideas in digital action plans.  
  • Great organizational and analytical skills while keeping creative and client needs in mind. Cold numbers are nothing if we can’t turn them into fuel for ideas and business objectives.  
  • Global vision of projects to think and execute in the short and long term with an eye set on effectiveness. 
  • Agility to be able to fine tune plans as they happen. 
  • A clear understanding of the ad industry standards in pricing, formats, KPIs and effectiveness.
  • Curiosity about tech projects that will challenge the industries and society’s mindset and your own.
  • Needs to be able to come up, build, develop and track digital strategic plans covering a wide range of fields in both own and paid media.  
  • Being able to balance needs and requirements between creative team, client and internal stakeholders is key. 



  • Degree in Marketing or a related field.  
  • 5+ years of experience in the advertising or content industries in the creation of digital strategies for content and campaigns in own and paid media.  
  • Experience in working with creative, tech, media and client teams.  
  • Full grasp of tools to create, analyze and present digital strategies: Office package, Google analytics, Adobe analytics, social media data platforms, etc.  
  • Experience in managing digital campaigns covering all the mentioned areas: SEO / SEM, databases, email, social media, display, etc. 
  • A good level of English. It is required for meetings (in person and remote), presentation of proposal and reports, emailing and other informal communications within the company and with clients. 


About Growthland 

Growthland is the hybrid proposal from NTT Disruption to accelerate marketing disruption, combining tech and creativity. Growthland, arises from the fusion of data, creative talent, and technology. Launched in 2021, it offers two innovative solutions focusing on content and the experience generation: Smart Scalable Content (SSC) and Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX). 


About us

NTT Disruption is an Open Disruption Platform built to meet and embrace great new ideas to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate through exponential technologies. 

Launched in 2019 as a new business area of NTT Global, our goal is moving forward in technological disruption and create a real impact in specific industries and through that improve the society we live in. 


We are art and science. Our talent combines artist disruptors, able to engage people with contents, events and experiences, plus product and development disruptors, that are incessantly creating concepts to proof, being the essence that keeps the disruption platform alive, healthy and moving forward from conception to launch. 

At NTT Disruption we fully embrace differences. Differences give us new insights, new learnings, inspiration and aspirations. Being different is enriching. Different views excite us.  We offer a workplace where every individual can thrive. Going to work should feel like coming home. NTT Disruption takes pride in being an equal opportunity workplace.

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