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Madrid, Spain

This job is hidden from public view (Internal use). Only people with the direct job's link can apply.

Please send us your open application if you want to consider joining NTT Disruption and you want us to consider you for (near) future opportunities. 

This implies we need to receive a specific motivation letter next to your CV, to be able the establish in what field, on what level, and with what kind of projects or subjects you thrive, and aspire to work with at NTT Disruption. 

Share with us your expertise, your aspirations, your ideas and what else you burn for co-creating with us. We really want to know.

Bottom line requirements we have across the board and for any role within NTT Disruption:

-Minimum of 5 relevant years of experience (relevance as to your specific field of work)

-Good grasp of business English, both verbally and in writing

-CV and motivation letter in English 

Thank you so much

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