Senior Robotics Engineer

Madrid, Spain

This job is not available any more.

Are you a Senior Robotics Engineer with an appetite for hanging out with other brilliant & creative minds?

Is an innovative, vibrant environment and being amidst the smartest technical disruptors your cup of tea?

Moreover, would you like to see your value as a professional increase immensely and be the embodiment of our overall objective ‘disrupt for good’?

Then, come on over and join us: We’re looking for you!

What you’ll be doing

Design, develop, and deploy software for an embedded Linux platform, including functionality that supports video teleconferencing, still photography, face tracking and ID, voice integration, motor controls. Though you’ll be part of a team of C/C++ developers the platform also contains a Chromium/Node.js/Electron-based presentation layer.

What you’re capable of

Fluent in C/C++, particularly on ARM-based embedded Linux platforms, with a working knowledge of hardware bring-up and platform services. Being able to achieve the best software performance using debugging and profiling tools. Solid knowledge on computer vision and robotics perception would be amazing. Experience with Make files and source code management is appreciated. Basic knowledge on cross compilation tools such as buildroot or Yocto. Some skills in Node.js/Typescript are highly desirable.

What you’ll be excited about to learn more of

You will be working in the backend part of a social robot by improving and continuously adding new capabilities regarding perception, speech and performance.

About the team

We are a group of people privileged to work on one of the most exciting products of our careers so far, a social robot called jibo. This little guy is part of our daily life and even though he is challenging us a lot, he makes our work exciting and fun and every time we see this new feature expressed with his character and his movements, it gives us a smile for the day. Our colleagues are working on various location in different time zones, so this team is comfortable working together remotely, but you have to see our new offices, where a social, charming robot, is not the coolest tech in the room.

What we are looking for in our new colleague

  • 7+ years of experience developing software in C and C++.
  • Development experience on ARM-based embedded Linux platforms.
  • Proven experience in Computer Vision on embedded devices.
  • Experience with Make files and cross compilation tools (buildroot and/or yocto).
  • Development experience in Javascript, Typescript is a plus.
  • Experience in the full software development lifecycle and proven grasp of best practices in coding, testing and documentation.
  • Experience with Git repository.
  • Great team player that always relies on her/his team to face challenging problems and comfortable to work under Agile methodologies.
  • As a person: ‘clean work’ is your middle name, a never-ending hunger to learn and a strong identification to our objective to ‘disrupt for good’ is yours; a curiosity and eagerness to work with state-of-the-art technology has always been inside you.
  • A good grasp of the English language.
  • Right to work in EU.

Location: Madrid

Our Offer to you

This workplace! Going to work will feel like coming home. As working with the brightest, the insatiable curious & the creative forward-thinkers, makes work fun. It’s that simple a truth. And, if you’re a bit of a techie yourself, like we are, it can’t get any cooler than shaping and developing new disruptive technologies for a better society. Salary? Yes, that too.

About us

NTT Disruption is an Open Disruption Platform built to meet and embrace great new ideas to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate through exponential technologies.

Launched in 2019 as a new business area of NTT Global, our goal is moving forward in technological disruption and create a real impact in specific industries and through that improve the society we live in.

At NTT Disruption we fully embrace differences. Differences gives us new insights, new learnings, inspiration and aspirations. Being different is enriching. Different views excite us. We offer a workplace where every individual can thrive. Going to work should feel like coming home. NTT Disruption takes pride in being an equal opportunity workplace.

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