Web Project Manager

Madrid, Spain

Are you a seasoned web professional with an appetite to hang out with brilliant & creative minds?

Is an innovative, vibrant environment and being amidst the smartest technical disruptors your cup of tea?

Moreover, would you like to see your value as a professional increase immensely?

Then, come on over and join us: We’re looking for you!

What we need

As a Web Project Manager, your job is to help manage the entire life of the web projects, from conception to live delivery and maintenance. Each day, you will review the tasks and goals that need to be completed. You will work with the company’s customers in order to deliver the web product that they envision. You will also work with the leaders of the company to try and create new and innovative web solutions for upcoming projects or situations.

Responsibilities and Duties

Follow the scope of an online project that goes from the proposal stage, to the technical work up, and finally to the delivery of the web product.

Participate in the initial conception stage along with a client in order to better meet the needs of the customer and to translate those expectations to production teams.

Design solutions for customer problems related to online marketing, corporate identity or other website presence issues.

Lead the design process of a website by working with a team of graphic designers, writers and web developers.

Work to find and solve any problems with the function of a web project by implementing testing processes and working with technical staff in order to address any issues.

Supervise a team of web professionals and suppliers/partners by developing effective training procedures, appropriate task assignments, positive customer experiences and top quality control processes.

Aim to meet all project goals within the specified budget of the client and the organization; adjust practices to reflect cost saving measures.

Generate periodic project status reports to be presented to company stakeholders; detail data, tasks and processes.

Take on new and unproven tasks in order to develop new business ideas and opportunities that help lead the company to future success.


Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree

At least 5 years of experience managing and developing web projects

Experience in managing and communicating with high profile corporate clients

Strategical and technical knowledge about the development and design of online sites with and without CMS solutions.

Ability to manage many different jobs and meet deadlines consistently

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both, English and Spanish

Portfolio / work references are a must.

A technical and theorical skill test well be conducted within the selected candidates.

Our Offer to you

This workplace! Going to work will feel like coming home. As working with the brightest, the insatiable curious & the creative forward-thinkers, makes work fun. It’s that simple a truth. And, if you’re a bit of a techie yourself, like we are, it can’t get any cooler than shaping and developing new disruptive technologies for a better society. Salary? Yes, that too.

About us

NTT Disruption is an Open Disruption Platform built to meet and embrace great new ideas to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate through exponential technologies.

Launched in 2019 as a new business area of NTT Global, our goal is moving forward in technological disruption and create a real impact in specific industries and through that improve the society we live in.

We are art and science. Our talent combines artist disruptors, able to engage people with contents, events and experiences, plus product and development disruptors, that are incessantly creating concepts to proof, being the essence that keeps the disruption platform alive, healthy and moving forward from conception to launch.

At NTT Disruption we fully embrace differences. Differences give us new insights, new learnings, inspiration and aspirations. Being different is enriching. Different views excite us.  We offer a workplace where every individual can thrive. Going to work should feel like coming home. NTT Disruption takes pride in being an equal opportunity workplace.

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